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This exploratory research project will deliver fundamental research into two areas of great interest in computer science: modelling and model based testing, on the one hand, and evolutionary approaches, on the other, also creating powerful links between them. It proposes a new, integrated, approach to system modelling and testing, using evolutionary methods. The project combines the power of evolutionary techniques, inspired by biology, with formal methods and software engineering techniques in order to find solutions to the complex problems of automatic system modelling and testing.

The construction of a formal model of a system is a very expensive, highly specialized and time-consuming task, which may be as complex as the implementation itself. What we are proposing here is to use evolutionary techniques and other metaheuristic search techniques, as well as certain state based modelling formalisms which will be developed in this project, to automatically generate a formal model of the system. Secondly, the formal specification obtained will be used to dynamically generate powerful test data, employing different metaheuristic search techniques. The obtained results will be validated on representative case studies, including multidisciplinary case studies, concerning biological systems.


The research is financed through CNCSIS - UEFISCSU (The National University Research Council) project number PNII - IDEI 643/2008, contract no. 496/2009.